VOL – 7 ISSUE 2, (April-June 2017)
S.No. Research Topic Paper ID
01 Evamping the Supply Chain of Fruit and Vegetable in East Java Province, Indonesia
Ahmad Zafrullah Tayibnapis, Lucia Endang Wuryaningsih
02 Determinants of Dividend Policy Decisions of the Listed Banks in Kenya
Solomon Munyoki Kathuo, Joshua Ngundi Kimoro
03 Influence of Residential and Academic Background of Parents towards their Wards in Vocational Skill Development Programme
Dr. K.Parthasarathy, Dr. P.M.Aswini, J.Jeny Rani Mary
04 Impact of Information Quality as Mediator Variable in the Relationship Between Strategic Fitness and determining Strategic Position-Case Study: Al-sharg Foundation for Press and Publishing – Saudi Arabia
Dr. Mozamil Ali Mohammed Osman
05 Operations Management: An Overview and Concept Development
Dr. Sangeeta Dodrajka